Gamera ll

Gamera in a 2000 film of his.

Gamera is a giant turtle or tortoise that has his own series like Godzilla. Gamera also can fly beacause of the jet packs on the back of his shell. Gamera is also a master of uneven bars as shown in one of his movies. Gamera starred in Monster Island Buddies as Godzilla's old college roomate. Gamera has very sharp claws on it's hands as a powerful weapon. Gamera has his own movie which has someone in a rubber suit just like Godzilla.

Gamera in his first movie

 Gamera has tusks on either side of his mouth.


  • Some may think that Gamera is the leader of the Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Legendary must make a movie called Godzilla vs Gamera.